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VZFP flowpod stabilizer monopod low mode

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The FlowPod is the only handheld stabilizer that offers 3 tools in one: Monopod mode, Stabilizer Mode and Low Mode. Although it's a great handheld stabilizer for those floating, smooth action shots everybody wants, what sets the FlowPod apart from all other handheld stabilizers is value and utility. No other device on the market allows you get so many different shots with one tool - fluid stabilized motion, solid stationary, or low angle - the FlowPod does it all for a reasonable price.

Our Price: $299.00

Product Code: VZFP

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The FlowPod and Handheld HD Cameras - The FlowPod is perfectly suited for compact, handheld HD cameras like the Sony EX-1, Sony NX5U, Canon XF300, Panasonic HPX-250, Panasonic AC160, or any other HD video camera up to 9 lbs. It will allow you to get continuous on-the-go stabilized footage with the unique ability to stop and operate in monopod mode for stationary shots, as well as the added bonus of low angle shots (with optional low-mode kit).

The FlowPod and DSLRs - The FlowPod also works very well with DSLR Cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, and Canon Rebel T2i.

The monopod mode offers a significant advantage over competing products because it adds functionality missing from other handheld stabilizers. Having the monopod available allows you to stop and rest while getting a rock-solid stationary shot - all without having to remove your camera to switch to another support device. Many stabilizers never get used due to their limited functionality and time-consuming setup caused by having to switch from stabilizer to other supports and back again. With the FlowPod, setup is a breeze and you won't even need to switch to another support to get the shots you want.

With the FlowPod's built-in patented monopod system, the operator can quickly collapse the monopod and return to stabilizer mode in seconds without having to re-balance. Switching back to monopod mode is just as quick - just lock the handle and extend the monopod. The rapid mode changes of the FlowPod make it great field tool and a true bargain in the high-priced world of stabilizers.

We've had comments from current FlowPod owners expressing regret that they threw away money on less versatile stabilizers before getting the FlowPod. There's simply nothing else on the market like the FlowPod.

Only the FlowPod allows Low-Mode shots from a handheld stabilizer, and with our patented system, you can adjust the camera to any desired height off the ground or even below foot level along overhanging edges.

The unique balancing plate system is a simple but valuable tool included with every FlowPod that saves a lot of time by allowing you to quickly and accurately balance your camera in one attempt.

A superbly versatile stabilizer for HD and DSLR cameras, the FlowPod can be used as a fluid handheld stabilizer, rock-solid monopod, or gliding low-mode tool. The FlowPod is used and recommended by filmmakers, cameramen, and wedding/event videographers worldwide.

Our proprietary handle & gimbal design can either be unlocked as a fluid gimbal for floating stabilizer shots or locked inline for stationary monopod shots. The slim design and narrow base allow the shooter to hold the FlowPod close to the body, relieving stress and enabling tight maneuvers in the most varied circumstances.

The optional Low Flow kit allows gliding low perspective shots and makes the FlowPod a 3-in-1 tool.

  • NEW Professional Quick Release Slide Plate and keyed lateral adjustment for greatly improved X-Y adjustment (horizontal balancing)
  • Quick Release Plate is compatible with a wide range of VariZoom products (DV MediaRig, DV Traveler, TK65 tripod, QRP) for quick interchange with other supports
  • NEW Locking handle w/ tough, no-slip grip allows fluid turns, pans, and tilts in stabilizer mode or rock solid stationary shots in monopod mode
  • NEW taller standard monopod (62" vs old 54"), also available as upgrade option for older units
  • Optional low mode kit for stabilized low-angle shots also allows for attachment of TFT monitor for easier viewing
  • Clean and accurate counterbalance system utilizes sliding ring weights for vertical balance adjustment
  • Precision balance system: X-Y camera plate provides fore/aft adjustment for horizontal balance and sliding counterweights allow for exact vertical balance adjustment
  • Balancing plate (included) functions as a docking stand while balancing the FlowPod or resting it when not in use
  • Upgradable with either DV Sportster or Navigator arm/vest systems (see 'Related Products')
  • VZ-FP1 weight kit required for use with cameras over 5 lbs

Backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.

Two short films shot with FlowPod

Customer Reviews

I read the reviews before writing my own all I can say is Follow the directions mount the camera solidly and you could not have an easier stabilizer / monopod to use. The monopod feature is extremely useful and allows you to go back and forth between the two modes instantly. No other stabilizer other than the same companies product the Stealthy does this.

use it for weddings and events. is solidly built and very versatile. when you use it as a monopod hand gets tired. works with many types of video or photo camera. adjusts immediately and stabilization is perfect.

This is the cheapest professional stabilizer I found, I was in the game between other stabilizers, finally I decided. Instructions are very clear and simple, at the beginning you simply start playing with the FlowPod and realize that was the best choice. Very well manufactured, very steady, professional look and as I mentioned before, it has the lowest price tag. It feels a little heavy but is easy to get used to it.

I have shot in wind but you would never know it by the look of the video it is totally smooth. The combination of the monopod which is always available to user in seconds make this a great dual purpose and very practical tool. Shot with DVX camera, EX1 and other similar size cameras all smooth shooting.

Our Price: $90.95
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Our Price: $29.95

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