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River Multi-Head & Track Motion Control System - 4-cam x 7-axis

  • Expandable future-proof design, works with CinemaPro, CPJR and CP Micro heads
  • Up to 4 heads controlling pan/tilt/zoom/focus/iris/track/elevation
  • Touchscreen interface for intuitive operation
  • Layered recording, playback one head while another is in live control mode
  • Frame-accurate playback for compositing

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  • Controls 4 camera head systems - Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus/Iris/Track/Boom
  • Layered recording - playback one axis while re-recording another
  • Independent playback and control of multiple heads - repeat a move on one head while controlling another
  • Expandable I/O for peripheral input connection
  • Futureproof design allows for firmware updates and future Ethernet connection
CP MICRO ultra compact lightweight motion control head
  • Head only, works with existing CP controllers
  • Weighs 7lbs, 13 inches tall
  • 3" head extension available for added camera clearance
  • Speed range: undetectable to 130 degrees/sec
  • Compatible w/ all CP controls: wheels, panbars, console, jibstick
  • Fits any jib, tripod, slider or ceiling mount
  • For compact cameras up to 12 lbs
CinemaPro Jr.
  • Head only, no controller included
  • For cameras up to 35 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years
CINEMAPRO remote head only
Our Price: $16,995.00
CPM / CPJR Track Drive
Our Price: $5,495.00
CinemaPro motion control head.