VariZoom Motion Control – We’ve been manufacturing high quality remote heads for production at every level since 2000. Our motion control equipment is used on event videos and motion picture productions across the globe. With superior American-made quality, competitive pricing, and user-friendly designs, VariZoom remote heads elevate production values wherever they go. Our designers have decades of experience in building feature film equipment, with dozens of high-end motion camera system and numerous Academy Awards to their credit. As VariZoom continues to expand the motion control equipment line, the focus is on covering the entire spectrum of production, from the independent and beginner up to big-budget projects. Our range of pan tilt remote heads, new track drive and multi-head control console have expanded the motion control playing field for superior quality at affordable prices. An excellent track record, no-nonsense 2-year warranty, and accessible and friendly support make for a wise investment in quality.  CATALOG DOWNLOAD