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CP Micro Motion Control Remote Head for Professional Video and Digital Cinema Cameras – The newest addition to the CinemaPro family, the CP Micro PTZ heads come in at roughly half the size & weight of the JR and one-third the original CP, making it perfect for professional video camera cranes and jib arms. Despite its small form factor, the CP Micro is a real powerhouse, utilizing a high-efficiency, low-mass, enclosed drivetrain that will literally make heads spin. Capable of moving at an imperceptible creep up to 90 degrees per  second, the CP Micro is also a true motion control head with frame-accurate capability and full compatibility with our existing and future line of control modules, including wheels, pan bars, jibstick, and advanced consoles (single and multi-head).

Using the same control system as our acclaimed CP and CP JR motorized pan tilt heads, the CP Micro offers the same frame-accurate, fully enclosed drivetrain, high-performance design at a much more affordable price and in a much smaller and lighter package. CP Micro PTZ heads are ideal for Canon C100 & C300, Sony FS5, Sony A7RII, RED Raven, DSLRs, and any other compact cameras under 12lbs, the CP Micro sacrifices nothing in quality but is tailored to meet the needs of shooters requiring a smaller and lighter package.