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The River multi-camera control system for pan / tilt / zoom/ focus/ iris / slider / boom is the pinnacle of our engineering team’s decades of precision control systems. Incorporating a wealth of future-proofing elements, the River system is the foundation of VariZoom’s next generation of remote camera control. With the ability to control up to 4 separate cameras for pan and tilt, as well as track / slider, and zoom, focus & iris, the River even has an extra control channel per camera system for future device implementation such or vertical lift or boom devices.

The I/O architecture guarantees a forward-thinking pathway, as many additional serial and analog inputs and outputs can be added for a customized system. The touchscreen control is intuitive but also backed up by redundant mechanical pushbuttons for operators who prefer to control by feel as they watch their video monitor feeds for live action switching.

The chassis of the River multi-camera control is machined from solid aluminum at our factory in Austin, TX, and no corners were cut with componentry or design. When paired with our wide range of motion control pan tilt heads and our new range of motorized track sliders, you can configure your system however you want or buy a preconfigured package. Our remote heads can handle compact high resolution 4K cameras all the way up to full-size broadcast and digital cinema cameras, and it’s no problem to mix and match different size heads or use any existing CinemaPro / Talon line remote head.

Additionally the River can be equipped with remote pan bars, hand wheels and a range of existing VariZoom CinemaPro accessories. The River system has already been deployed in some of the finest corporate and Ivy League institutions, and straightforward firmware updates ensure that you’ll always be able to access the latest feature upgrades and improvements.