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TK75A Tripod

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VariZoom offers lightweight monopods for video and photography that support cameras up to 25 lbs. Our newest monopod, the ChickenFoot, is available with or without a fluid head.

Video Dolly & Tripod Options From Varizoom

Check out VariZoom’s comprehensive line of camera dolly and tripod equipment. Our state-of-the-art products include photo and video camera tripods, complete video dolly systems, and light stands.

Choose from turnkey systems or individual fluid tripod heads, tripod legs, camera dollies and tracks. Our range of products feature interchangeable components for everything from lightweight tripods for compact camcorders and DSLRs, all the way up to heavy-duty tripods, video dolly and track systems for full-size broadcast or motion picture cameras.

With competitive pricing throughout the entire series, VariZoom is your one-stop online shop for all your camera dolly and tripod needs.

Don’t Forget the Accessories for Your Video Camera Tripods

Sometimes all you need are the extras to make your equipment fully functional. In addition to complete systems and components, Varizoom also offers accessories for your video camera tripods. Your tripod is your camera’s support system. Expand its capabilities with top-of-the-line handles, release plates, and more!