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Precise camera zoom and focus control is crucial when you need to capture professional, high quality shots. Varizoom’s new wireless focus follow systems features one of the best lens controllers on the market today. These advanced systems work with virtually any lens for advanced focus control in every situation.

Find the Perfect Wireless Lens Control System

Varizoom currently offers seven wireless zoom and focus control systems. System features include:

  • Control zoom, focus, and iris from up to 1000' with a wireless touchscreen remote
  • Control 1 to 3 channels depending on the system
  • Lens drive system built using advanced control electronics
  • Adjust parameters quickly and easily
  • Calibrate the system automatically or manually

If you thought cinema-grade lens control couldn’t be affordable think again. Varizoom’s American made camera zoom control systems are redefining the price-performance standard.

Wireless Lens Control Systems Wireless Lens Control Accessories
Wireless Follow Focus

Wireless Lens Control Accessories

Our lens control systems contain everything you need to start shooting with superior zoom and focus control. However, we also offer a number of accessories that can be used to customize and expand our wireless focus follow systems. Choose from a variety of add-ons including cables, complete drive motor systems and more.