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CPJR K5 Cinema Pro Jr Remote Head w/ Jibstick Jr

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Cinema Pro Jr Remote Head w/ Jibstick Jr

Open the door to big productions with VariZoom's new affordable CPJ-K5. The high production values offered by our advanced motion control heads are now within reach of independent shooters and production companies at all levels. With this kit, VariZoom / mocoDyne offers an entry-level price point for videographers to get a sophisticated and powerful motion control system that can be easily upgraded as you make more money with your productions. The CPJ-K5 includes the CinemaPro Jr head and Jibstick Jr control unit using electromechanical design from multi-Academy Award winning engineers. With this system, you are getting the same high-performance exoskeletal motion control head that comes with the more expensive kits, but the Jibstick Jr is a streamlined manual controller that allows precise, tunable pan and tilt motions. No other system in this price range offers the robust, feature-packed, precision-made, and frame-accurate capable design of the Cinema Pro Jr. For the price of another system with lesser capability and virtually no upgrade path, you can have a starter kit for a motion-picture quality system. System Includes: CinemaPro remote head, Jibstick Jr. controller, 50' control cable, 30' XLR power extension, power supply, case. Please call VariZoom / mocoDyne to speak to our motion control specialist.

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This high performance compact Jibstick Jr control kit offers the simplicity and intuitive video game-type thumb control favored by some operators. It is a more streamlined version of the Jibstick Pro - there is no built-in lens control, no motion limits for pan/tilt, no motor disable, and no camera record start/stop. The Jibstick Jr has all of the electromechanical performance of the other kits, but without full motion control capability. The Jibstick Jr uses a precision thumb control joystick on a compact handgrip control box. All controls and settings are within reach of your fingertips. The new Jibstick Jr allows you to reverse direction on pan & tilt independently, adjust speed limits for pan & tilt independently, adjust joystick deadband, and set smoothing control for softer starts & stops.

With independent speed and direction controls for pan & tilt, smoothing/ramping control, and adjustable deadband for our precision thumb joystick, you'll have exceptionally smooth and dynamic remote pan & tilt control up to 2500'. The addition of the optional advanced console enables full motion control capability, as well as the ability to control the head using cine-style hand wheels or broadcast-style pan bars. These upgraded systems offer full pan/tilt/zoom/focus/iris control within the following modes: motion-linked intervalometer for time-lapse and stop motion, record and playback of 1 hour and 2000 takes, frame-accurate repeat pass, up to 2000 position marks, the ability to import and export all motion control data, and much more.

Incorporating such high-end features as precision enclosed drivetrain, exoskeletal construction and a slip-ring base, the Cinema Pro JR represents a new standard for lightweight, cost-effective pan & tilt motion control heads. The Cinema Pro JR is precision-made yet rugged and becoming the logical and affordable choice for a much broader scope of users than any head on the market. Cost effective not only for big budget motion pictures, but for worship facilities, sports, concerts, newsrooms,military,government, and other film, video, and HD applications.

Proudly Made in the USA, the CP JR is constructed from exoskeletal body sections that are CNC machined from solid billet to exacting standards, so rigidity and structural integrity are second to none. The custom slip rings and robust motor drives are designed and tested intensively to perform flawlessly under the most demanding conditions, and the electronics & software have years of field testing behind them. Add to all this the painstaking assembly and QC done in our state-of-the-art facility, and you've got a motion control head of the highest caliber.

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Customer Reviews

I used the CinemaPro JR with wheels on my last feature. We had an Alexa Plus on it and it held the weight just fine. I want my own some day.
Scott Toler Collins

When we began our search for a high end motion control system to put atop our camera boom we found VariZoom / MocoDyne Cinema Pro series to offer the largest feature set that was fully expandable and high performance. We purchased the Cinema Pro Head, the encoded Pan Bars, and more recently added the Jib Stick. We plan on additionally purchasing the Cinema wheels as we can cover all aspects of production with this full featured system.

-J. Osterday Meddin Studios

We love the Cinemapro Jr. When we need something really steady that's complicated to get with a fluid head, it's perfect. Works great for being in the cab of a chase vehicle.

-B. Stanley - Stanley Photographic

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