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VariZoom Remote Heads for Superior Motion Control / Camera Cranes and Camera Jibs
VariZoom manufactures high quality remote heads for camera cranes, jibs, and motion control heads for every level of production and every camera pan and tilt. Whether it's a hobby or a profession, VariZoom has a full range of gear to suit your needs and budget. From our affordable light duty QuickJib and MC50 pan/tilt head up to the impressive new Snap Crane paired with the acclaimed CinemaPro True Motion Control system, our equipment is used on event videos and motion picture productions across the globe. With superior American-made quality, competitive pricing, and user-friendly designs, VariZoom crane/motion systems elevate production values wherever they go. Click on the systems below for detailed information.
CinemaPro Motion Control Head

Film and video motion control remote heads

DPs and camera operators are choosing CinemaPro motion control camera equipment for good reason – it offers high-quality performance in a user-friendly package. Features include:

  • Works well with a wide variety of cameras
  • Easy to set up and start shooting with
  • Streamlined functionality
  • High-quality pan/zoom/tilt/focus
  • Offers all the stability found in advanced camera motion control kits
  • Full slip rings
  • Powerful yet quiet drivetrains
  • Able to expertly track both intense and subdued action
  • Independent speed control for pan and tilt

The list of features goes on and on. Made right here in the USA and backed by outstanding customer service, CinemaPro equipment is sure to be the best remote pan title head you’ve ever used with your camera.

CinemaPro-Jr Motion Control Head

Film and video camera motion control remote heads

Upgrade your low-tech head and increase the functionality of your jib system with CinemaPro Jr. motion control camera equipment. When you need precise motion control and your current system just isn’t cutting it, our lightweight, yet feature-packed portable remote pan tilt head systems are exactly what you need.

Features of all CinemaPro Jr. remote camera head kits include:

  • Fits most cameras up to 35 lbs.
  • Remote heads are just 13 pounds
  • High-performance pan/zoom/tilt/focus
  • User-friendly and easy to set up
  • Streamlined feature set
  • Ideal for portable remote applications and cranes
  • Independent speed control for tilt and pan
  • Smoothing control for tilt and pan

If quality and performance are a must, CinemaPro Jr. portable camera motion control systems are up to the task. Each kit contains the remote head plus tons of extras that will have you ready to shoot beautiful motion shots in no time.

MC50 Remote Head
MC100 Remote Head
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