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VariZoom is proud to offer a diverse range of professional camera gear at reasonable prices. From the world's largest selection of lens controls to shoulder supports, camera dollies, tripods, video stabilizer systems, batteries and motion controls, VariZoom is your one stop shop for high quality camera equipment.
Camera Sliders
camera slider
Lens Controls
Video Camera Lens Control - Zoom Control, Focus Control, and Wireless Follow Focus for Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC, Fujinon, Red, Black Magic, Arri

VariZoom Motion Control
VariZoom Remote Heads for Superior Motion Control / Camera Cranes and Camera Jibs
VariZoom manufactures high quality remote heads for camera cranes, jibs, and motion control heads for every level of production and every camera pan and tilt. Whether it's a hobby or a profession, VariZoom has a full range of gear to suit your needs and budget. From our affordable light duty QuickJib and MC50 pan/tilt head up to the impressive new Snap Crane paired with the acclaimed CinemaPro True Motion Control system, our equipment is used on event videos and motion picture productions across the globe. With superior American-made quality, competitive pricing, and user-friendly designs, VariZoom crane/motion systems elevate production values wherever they go. Click on the systems below for detailed information.

Video Camera Crane Camera Jib Camera Slider
Camera Cranes, Camera Jibs - VariZoom
Tripods, Monopod and Dollies
Tripods, Sliders, & Dollies
Camera Stabilizer Systems
Whether you need full arm & vest supported stabilizers for larger productions, or handheld video camera stabilizers for smaller ones, VariZoom has the right equipment for you.
Camera Support Systems
Finding affordable camera shoulder rigs that offer the right amount of comfort and support can be tough – but it doesn’t have to be. VariZoom offers high quality DSLR camera shoulder rigs for many types of cameras at an affordable price!
LCD Monitors
VariZoom proudly offers film monitors and accessories that are reliable, affordable and lightweight. Whether you are working on a small production or a major motion picture, our film monitors will help ensure you get your shot.
Batteries / Chargers
VariZoom has a large selection of camera chargers and rechargeable camera batteries for brands such as Canon, Panasonic, and Sony. Our selection of batteries and chargers offers solutions for broadcast, HD, and handheld video camera applications...
VariZoom has a wide range of video camera accessories such as articulated arms, car mounts, accessory mounts, 15mm rods and carry cases. Protect your equipment with our custom video camera bag or drawstring equipment pouches, and find creative ways to mount your cameras and accessories using our specialty mounting gear. Check out our DV Rods for mounting lens motor or matte boxes. Click on the categories below for our range of accessories.
On-Camera LED Lights
On camera lighting is essential to get the best shots possible, and VariZoom’s dimmable, high power LED on-camera lights are the perfect choice! Whether you are a film student or a professional, our on camera lighting systems offer an affordable and high quality solution backed by outstanding product support long after the purchase.