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Camera Sliders РVarizoom VSM1 series -professional grade sliders are capable of effortlessly carrying extremely heavy loads with zero deflection and consistently smooth action under all conditions. Our sliders come with a variety of mounting options and are ready to use out of the case. These camera sliders for sale are extendable and upgradable with motion control features. Zero drag, precision-matched systems perform under all conditions with little maintenance. The VariSlider includes adjustable mount points for flexible positioning anywhere along the track, and it can be supported by any tripod type, C-stand or low-boy stand, as well as overhead rigging in underslung configuration. These camera sliders for sale feature an intelligently designed track system and have a variety of built-in features to accommodate future upgrades and features like motorization, angled operation, and counterweighting. The completely unique design of the VariSlider sets it apart in a sea of copycat sliders, as it was created with one set of goals in mind: superior quality, outstanding performance, and flexible future-proof architecture. Shop for professional video camera equipment online today.