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HDMI Monitor Equipment

Video monitors make it possible to see your shot the way it was intended instead of strictly through the lens. These versatile pieces of equipment also allow camera operators to work more comfortably and allow directors to view shots as they are filmed. Without a high quality HDMI monitor, accurately reviewing your shots is understandably difficult.

VariZoom proudly offers film monitors and accessories that are reliable, affordable and lightweight. Whether you are working on a small production or a major motion picture, our film monitors will help ensure you get your shot.

Choose From a Variety of Video Monitors

With four different options to choose from, Varizoom has video monitors to fit any budget. You can choose from stand-alone HDMI and LCD monitors or full kits that include a case, battery, sunhood, and shoe mount. Our 12V battery system also works with many other monitors.

Portable Monitor Accessories

Expand the usability of your equipment with our monitor accessories. See a clear picture even on the brightest day with a monitor sunhood. Use a monitor mount to connect the portable monitor to a stand. Choose from three different miniature articulated arm kits to mount your monitor virtually anywhere.

Make the most of your video monitor investment with top-of-the-line accessories from Varizoom.