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We began making the very first controls of this type back in the early 2000s as an OEM product for Panasonic. Through many years and thousands of units, the selection has expanded and diversified into the most extensive collection of zoom, focus and iris remote controls for Panasonic Two-Port remote connection. Our original Panasonic line works with the two-port analog interface used on cameras such as the HC-X1, AG-DVX200, AG-UX180, HC-MDH3, AG-AC30, AG-UX90, AJ- PX270.

We offer 2-handle separate zoom and focus/iris combos, standalone zoom remote controls, separate focus controls, all-in-one zoom/focus/iris lens controls, and they all come in a variety of form factors and ergonomic styles, as well as a range of affordability from the budget models to the heavy-duty all-metal professional units. We have devoted a lot of time and effort to provide the best lens controls for this unique Panasonic interface, and the result has been a long-running and very successful product line with many happy customers. No matter which model you choose, our no-nonsense two-year warranty and careful quality control ensure your wise-investment.

These controllers plug into the dual ports labeled “Zoom / SS” and “Focus / Iris” – if you have a question about which controller you need contact our experts. (please note that HC-X2, HC-X20, HC-X2000, HC-X1500, AG-CX10, AG-CX350 and AU-EVA1 camera require a LANC type controller).