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Whether you need full arm & vest supported stabilizers for larger productions, or handheld video camera stabilizers for smaller ones, VariZoom has the right equipment for you. All of our camera stabilizers enable fluid mobile shooting for smoother, more professional footage. Our competitive prices give new filmmakers, students, and small production companies the same comparable abilities as the big budget guys in Hollywood, but without the high costs. VariZoom video camera stabilizers & camcorder stabilizers are robust and technically advanced, yet easy to use.

VariZoom Stealthy series camera stabilizers, POV poles, and remotes. The Stealthy, StealthyGo, StealthyPro, and NEW StealthyStick offer the following modes: Stabilizer, 3-Point Shooter, Monopod, support, and tripod. For videographers and photographers of all kinds, catering to sports, skateboarding, camping and travel.

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