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Camera Cranes and Jibs - VariZoom manufactures the most sophisticated and widely used remote motion control heads, along with a large selection of camera cranes and jibs.


VariZoom SnapCrane - Camera Cranes and Remote Heads

The SnapCrane quickly builds out to 16 feet, allowing high-elevation sweeping shots. Using high-quality stainless hardware and precision-machined dovetail-locking sections, the SnapCrane is outfitted with the best in materials and features. We stock 9ft, 12ft, and 16ft versions to meet any filming requirement, and all include our custom heavy-duty dolly and tripod. Replacement parts are readily available and we offer excellent customer support long after a purchase is made.


VariZoom QuickJib - Video Camera Jibs and Remote Heads

QuickJib models are a perfect balance of quality, durability, and affordable pricing. Our QuickJib packages are so compact they can fit in the back of a Honda Civic! Our jibs extend easily and none of our extension kits require tools for assembly. VariZoom QuickJibs can be assembled in minutes using lanyard-attached stainless aircraft pins, unlike the competitors who require you to have an extensive set of tools and matching bolts. We offer excellent customer support and we stand by our products years after the warranty expires.

Solo Jib

VariZoom Solo Jib - Video Camera Cranes, Jibs, and Slider Dolly

Videomaker Magazine Award - "Best Advanced Support System of 2015"

The VariZoom Solo compact jib and slider dolly systems are low cost, lightweight, high quality and made for travel and compact transport. The result is excellent performance and reliability, and when the Solo Jib is combined with the Solo Slider Dolly, you have the most versatile system in its class. Allowing for compound motions of track, boom and pan, the Solo system enables complicated moves with a single operator.
Crane and Jib Accessories

VariZoom - Camera Crane and Camera Jib Accessories

Accessories, extensions and parts for cameras cranes and jibs